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A few of the benefits for Parents

Save Time & Money while Increasing Family Togetherness

With your children in KIDS Soccer & Fitness programs in school  during the day, you won’t have to make extra trips to a soccer or sports program in the evening. You save time, the cost of gas, plus car wear and tear.  With one less after school sports practice to attend, the family is able to spend more time together.

Fitness Head Start

Your child will truly benefit from the KIDS Soccer & Fitness experience at an early age.  We will help develop sporting skills as well as build kids confidence!  Teamwork and attitude are all part of the FUN! 
Join the fun and provide your child a “head start”
to a life of fitness and health!

KIDS Learn  

Young Player Development 
Every child is encouraged to participate at their level and learn new activities each week. Our Sports and Fitness program will encourage young players to learn the fundamental movement skills of running forwards, backwards, sideways plus jumping and turning with a soccer ball, catching and throwing and overall hand eye coordination.

Developmental focus:  Social, Physical, Technical, Psychological, Tactical

·  Significant emphasis on fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, skipping and throwing
·  Focusing on ball familiarization and dribbling skills – one ball per child
·  Encouraging trial and error, keeping instruction to a minimum
·  Age appropriate soccer equipment used to increase complexity but continue fun
·  Always providing considerable encouragement

Join the FUN and LOVE the GAME!

How to Enroll

KIDS Soccer & Fitness programs are held at Preschools, Day cares, After school programs, Montessori and Church school locations in Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa counties. 
Our daycare and school programs are only open to those enrolled at the school location.

Register online 24/7 

Locate your city and school and register online!

Simply locate your city and school and decide on the classes you want your child to participate in. 
Register online with KIDS Soccer and Fitness ( ) and pay online. 
We offer monthly and full SEASON payments for programs. 
We also offer sibling discounts, and multiple class discounts.

How do I bring KIDS Soccer & Fitness to my child's preschool?

Simply email us at  [email protected]  and let us know the school you would like us to contact.  We will contact them! 
We look forward to bringing super soccer, fun and exercise to the kids!