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Why we play!

KIDS LOVE FUN and our KIDS Soccer & Fitness Programs provide a strong foundation to enhance your child's coordination, confidence and self reliance.  All of our age appropriate activities are designed to boost your child's  motor and communication skills through fun physical education experiences! 
Programs focus on age groups 2, 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12.  

Participating in sports teaches children the importance of teamwork. When playing team sports such as soccer, your child learns to work with children his own age in order to compete against other teams in a healthy way. Knowing how to successfully work with others while trying to achieve a goal is a skill that goes beyond the playing field. Your child will find ways to apply these skills in other aspects of his life.

Allowing your child to play a sport or be involved in an exercise program helps expose him to other people his age with similar interests. This gives your child an opportunity to socialize and build long-lasting friendships. Socialization can help a child develop mentally and emotionally and can help him feel like he belongs to a peer community.

Part of playing a sport or participating in an individual fitness program is learning discipline. During a sport or program your child must take direction, be dedicated, practice and progress through training to build stamina. All these interactions help your child learn self-discipline.

Leadership Skills
Children also learn leadership skills as they continue to excel in their favorite sport. For example, your child may become team captain or may have other opportunities to lead their team in practice or during games. Learning how to lead and inspire are important skills and beneficial throughout their lives.

New Proof!

New Proof that Exercise Makes You Smarter. More and more studies are showing that exercise can boost your intelligence and mental acuity, with brain benefits for Preschool ages all the way up to working adults and seniors.

By Dr. Mercola -  read full article at:

Want to Boost Your IQ? Get Better Grades?

Exercise! In the info graphic above, the evidence speaks loud and clear that regular exercise can improve test scores, IQ levels and task efficiency.
Some of the research highlights include::

  • Among elementary school students, 40 minutes of daily exercise increased IQ by an average of nearly 4 points
  • Among 6th graders, the fittest students scored 30 percent higher than average students, and the less fit students scored 20 percent lower
  • Among older students, those who play vigorous sports have a 20 percent improvement in Math, Science, English and Social Studies
  • Fit 18-year-olds are more likely to go on to higher education and get full-time jobs
  • Students who exercise before class improved test scores 17 percent, and those who worked out for 40 minutes improved an entire letter grade

Graphic Courtesy of Online College Courses

Great information
for all parents!

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Physical Activity in Early Childhood

Toddler (1 to 3 years): 
Around 1 year of age: Starts walking, increasing opportunity for exploration and learning.
• 2 to 3 years:  
Develops loco motor skills such as running, jumping and hopping. Emergence of manipulative skills (skills that involve their hands--fine motor skills, like squeezing, grasping, pinching, etc).
Preschooler (3-5 years): 
Further development of balance, loco motor and manipulative skills.

Read the full article here:  

Physical Activity in Early Childhood



Young Player Development 
Every child is encouraged to participate at their level and learn new activities each week. Our Sports and Fitness program will encourage young players to learn the fundamental movement skills of running forwards, backwards, sideways plus jumping and turning with a soccer ball, catching and throwing and overall hand eye coordination.

Developmental focus:  Social, Physical, Technical, Psychological, Tactical

·  Significant emphasis on fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, skipping and throwing
·  Focusing on ball familiarization and dribbling skills – one ball per child
·  Encouraging trial and error, keeping instruction to a minimum
·  Age appropriate soccer equipment used to increase complexity but continue fun
·  Always providing considerable encouragement


KIDS Soccer & Fitness Programs

We provide an age appropriate non competitive curriculum that emphasize creative play, enjoyment of the sport and character building lessons. 
Our KIDS preschool enrichment programs will provide your child with the core foundation for a more active lifestyle. 
We use physical fun and creativity to improve fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping, kicking, dribbling and throwing through the great game of soccer!


Our KIDS Soccer & Fitness preschool programs will provide your child with the core foundation for a more active lifestyle. 
We provide age appropriate fitness curriculum that emphasizes creative play, enjoyment of the sport and character building lessons.


Approach & Benefits

KIDS Soccer & Fitness is a major developmental opportunity for socialization. Boys consistently learn through play and KIDS Soccer & Fitness curriculum allows them to learn social team skills in a creative but organized manner. 
According to Carleton Kendrick, Ed., M., “Socialization is the single greatest developmental benefit to be gained from a good preschool experience.”

Confidence is perhaps the most important positive of the KIDS Soccer & Fitness approach.  KIDS Soccer & Fitness gives children the ability to consistently and recognizably improve. This solidifies their self concept. Crucially each child has his/her own ball throughout the session. Despite varying ability levels this gives every child the opportunity to feel good and a guarantee of success!

Boys will be Boys!

Young boys are often very egocentric (some say selfish!). Boys will advance their positive interaction skills through supervised play in group environments. KIDS Soccer & Fitness offers a structured (but creative) curriculum that allows the kids the opportunity to develop motor skills, practice following directions, and work as a team in a fun and exciting way.

Because males are genetically patterned to be the “Hunter/Warrior” it is very important to help young boys develop their creative and cooperative character. The KIDS Soccer & Fitness curriculum consistently offers boys challenges or problems that require them to develop a creative, cooperative solution. As boys progress through the curriculum they learn to welcome difficult tasks as manageable challenges; as something they can handle rather than becoming discouraged.

She’s All Girl

Young girls are very social, loving and nurturing. Girls are naturally more team oriented and less “head-to-head” competitive than boys. KIDS Soccer & Fitness is a non-competitive program that offers a structured curriculum designed for maximum individual creative growth.  KIDS Soccer & Fitness challenges girls to focus on their own skill development.  KIDS provides the opportunity to build great individual motor skills and work independently in a fun and exciting way. This healthy emphasis on personal achievement teaches girls a sense of personal power missing from most early childhood fitness programs.

According to Kelly B. Cartwright, Ph.D. “Girls are judged by how they look, and boys are judged by what they do. We encourage independence and assertiveness in boys, but view assertiveness in girls as “unladylike.”

For girls confidence and self-belief is perhaps the most important positive of the KIDS Soccer & Fitness approach. KIDS Soccer & Fitness gives girls the ability to consistently improve which solidifies their self concept. Each child has their own ball throughout the session giving all kids, despite varying ability levels, the opportunity to succeed!